How to Play Keno

Keno guideKeno is an online casino game that is considered to be very easy to play. The moment when you learn how to play it and understand the rules of the game, you will be able to play the game at both land based and online casinos. The game of Keno is extremely similar to Lotto and it was initially invented in China and brought to the United States along with the immigrants that came in the US back in the 18th century.

One of the main things that make Keno very attractive is the fact that you are given the chance to win an incredibly high prize with just a small bet. The rules of playing the keno game are just as simple as playing the lottery.

In order to play the game of keno you will have to choose a fixed set of numbers (between 4 and 10), usually these numbers are between 1 and 80. Based on the set of numbers that you select, the game of keno will be called accordingly. For example in case you pick 7 numbers you will be playing a 7 spot Keno game. The winners will be those players that have managed to have the maximum winning numbers which are being called.

Keno guideThe winners of the Keno game are based on how many of the numbers that were called are matching the numbers selected by the players. This means that in case you know how to play the lottery, you will know how to play Keno.

The land based casinos, in Las Vegas for example have some halls that are created especially for these games. There you will get the chance to gather around with the other players and based on the number that you have selected on your card, you will know if you've won. These Keno lounges will usually make an extraction every 10 minutes.

In addition to the land based casinos, you will also get the chance to play this fantastic game at the online casinos. There you will get the chance to play a different game, called video Keno, but the rules and the game play will be basically the same. One of the differences at the online version of keno is that you will no longer have to wait 10 minutes in order to see the outcome of the game since it will be given to you instantly. The payouts that are waiting for you at the online casino can go up to $100,000, while the bets will start from as little as $1.

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